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 On February 2018, we went on a road trip to visit our family in Lake Placid, FL. We were told to try a local cafe while in the area. From the moment we walked in, we were in love. Everything we ever could want our own place to look and feel like was right in front of us. Saturday farmer’s markets, movie on the lawn, probably the friendliest people you can meet, a cafe that feels like your in grandma’s living room about to enjoy whatever yummy treat she puts in front of you... we couldn’t stop looking at every inch of the restaurant and just looking back at ourselves just smiling at how awesome this place is.


 Almost to the date a year later, we receive a text message letting us know that the cafe is for sale. We met with the owner about two days later. Five months later, morty & edna’s came to be.

 Our goal at morty & edna’s is to ensure that when you eat our food, you’re eating fresh, from scratch made in house food that is made with love and will leave you feeling as if you’re being hugged from the inside. We believe in recapturing that childhood memory with every bite you take. We keep our menu small, seasonal and pride ourselves in making sure that everyone has something they can enjoy on our menu without sacrificing quality or flavor.

We are blessed to have been gifted this opportunity to begin this new journey in this amazing place and we can only hope to make y’all proud in the next coming years.

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231 N. Main Ave.Lake Placid, Florida

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